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Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men

Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men- a deep nourishing treatment, combined with vitamin E, argan oil and essential fatty acids for the most luxurious, moisturising treatment.
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  • Pall Mall Barbers
  • Details

  • Argan oil comes from natural plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco.
    We recommend our argan enriched shampoo be used on a daily basis to help blitz dandruff and relieve a dry and itchy scalp. Argan Shampoo for men is perfect for repairing split and dry ends, our argan enriched shampoo helps to hydrate and indulge hair, leaving a soft and silky finish.

    250ml e 8.5fl.oz
  • Features

  • Weight 307 gram Width 50 cm Height 200 cm Depth 50 cm Volume 250 ml
  • Gender

    • For Male
  • Age Group

    • Adult
  • Instructions

  • Directions: Rinse hair in warm water. Apply shampoo and slowly work into a ‘tingling’ rich lather whilst massaging the scalp. Leave for 30 seconds and rinse completely. Repeat if required and finish with conditioner for best results.
  • Sales Type

    • Retail
    • Wholesale
  • Min Order Quantity 1 Max Order Quantity 9999

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  • Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men Pall Mall Barbers
  • Reviews

  • Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men is brilliant
    19/11/2022          Christina
  • Very happy with Argan Enriched Shampoo for Men
    18/11/2022          Alexandra
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  • Liborio
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    Pall Mall Barbers Marketing Director
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