Sorali Cosmetic

Sorali Cosmetic is a company in the manufacturing and distribution of hair cosmetics branch of activity, which is in the market for more than 5 years. We are located in Brazil, more specifically in São Paulo’s coast, and we have our own head office and a vast equip of contributors. - São Vicente, Brazil


We currently own the biggest Brazilian laboratory of analysis, research, development and manufacturing of the best cosmetics for hair straightening, moisturizing, maintenance and reconstruction, which provide the concept of flawless, silky and healthy hair strands.
Most of our products are directed to professional hair stylists. We keep the maximum care during the development of our formulas, which are patented and exclusive, and our factory does not leave the concern with the environment behind. Furthermore, we do not test our products in animals.
We work in association with great distribution agents overseas, and they deliver our products to famous retail stores and big commercial centers all over the world.