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Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto practicing acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine treatment for last 15 years and has got extensive experience by treating patients suffering from various health ailments.


Acupuncture Specialist - My Profile
I am a certified traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture therapist in London with a degree in alternative therapy from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the years, I have treated some of the most acute medical conditions in the area of human body pain and fertility/infertility in UK. It needs to be understood here that every growing person or individual suffers from some sort of ailment or bodily conditions that requires therapeutic treatment. Ancient Chinese form of treatment through exotic herbs and traditional therapies like Acupuncture are proven and time-tested. I practice this traditional Chinese healing art-form at my acupuncture clinics in Twickenham and Wokingham. Since conventional form of treatment comes with its long-term side-effects, people are slowly coming to Acupuncture which is absolutely safe. With my years of experience in this exclusive alternative treatment domain, I can assure guaranteed results to every single individual or suff