Experienced Hair Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Stylists, Spa, Photo Shoots, Cosmetology, and Beauty Industry. Strong research professional with a Hair Extension Specialist focused in micro rings, micro links, nano rings, hot fusion, cold fusion methods Hair Stylist, Hair Designer, Hair Dresser, Hair Salon Manager Emma Wilson Skills & Interests: Keratin Lading, Invisible Hair Extensions, Brazilian Blow Dry, Hair Color Change, Blow Dry, Chemical Relaxing, Hair Styling and Updos, Braid Hair Extensions, Bun, Hidden Hair Extensions, Half Moon, Ombre, Bead Hair Extensions, L'oréal Smart Blonde, Locs, Natural Hair Extensions, Balayage, Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions, Organic Dye, Blow Dry,


Professional Hairstyling
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83% visitors interested in Hair Stylist services live in London
2 in 3are aged 25-44 years
$43 is the average monthly spend on personal/mobile beauty services
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16%want to book Keratin Lading in London
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12%want to book Hair Color Change in London
14%want to book Blow Dry in London
12%want to book Chemical Relaxing in London
16%want to book Hair Styling and Updos in London
15%looking for Braid Hair Extensions experts
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