lookinwell.comm services, some of the data obtained during the registration process can be made visible to third parties and parties can collect. This information is the location of the USER name, profile photo, USER history and experiences that occur in Platform includes but is not limited to these.

If you have any difficulties related to the personal information we hold about you, you can find us on request. Our team will reply you as soon as possible. Also organize this information, you are entitled to edit or delete.

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1. You can view the data stored in the USER profile. Data storage, processing and gathering without the permission of the USER will be stored only if it is absolutely necessary to be applied between the partiess.

2. I, when the USER voluntarily register to the site have the right to collect personal data., this data solely to improve their services, provide services, and Privacy Policy uses for substances referred to under the Terms of Use. This information includes name, surname, address, email address, phone number, birth date.

3. Third Party Personal Data: I as the USER, we collect personal data of third-party individuals. This data collection, storage and use, in order to facilitate communication between the development of services by third parties and User Privacy Policy is made in accordance with the ingredients listed under Terms of Use. This is the sharing of personal data with third parties, have agreed as soon as you register with the system and you are agreeing

4. However, since the transfer of information over the internet is completely safe, we are trying as best we can to maintain the highest safety standards. However, I can not guarantee the security of data transmitted over the web. Any transmission is at your own risk. After receiving your personal information, strict procedures to prevent unauthorized access to and will use the security features.

1. LOOKİNWELL.COM without the prior written consent of a third party does not rent or sell any USER data. However, in order to improve the products and services provided by, User Profile, it is available in some cases, including collecting statistical research., Privacy Policy if you can use the personal data you provide in a manner consistent with service-specific contracts, if any. If you provide personal data in a specific reason, I ensuring adherence to the cause may use this data. For example, records the data used during login to the website can be used by my In addition, the CUSTOMER information you have provided during registration, regarding the service you receive can be used to send e-mail or SMS. In addition, about YOUR CUSTOMERS services and to provide information about the products, the data is available. You hereby consent to communicate with your customers and affiliates; improve the content of the website, to improve the functionality, you can use non-personally identifiable information to improve services.

3.through services you interact with us, we collect and store certain information not to be identified. such information collected passively using various technologies, particularly used to identify you. These data IP address, browser type, domain names, and other anonymous statistical data consists of. Use of Cookies

"Cookies": These services using "cookies" used a technology called. Cookies When accessing a web site on the web site and the bar is a piece of information that is sent to your computer. Cookies provide additional functionality to the website and helps to use the site.

We use cookies for these purposes:

Following the scanning patterns; profiles of other users on your site and how they use is generated.

Site ensure efficient operation as possible.

To follow the relevant procedures with the services of the USER.

Cookies help us to continuously improve our services and gathering feedback to better serve our customers.

USER for the use of these cookies, accept, permission to access the device does not want to or are entitled to. Online annotation tool can be rejected at any time using this option.

Email service offerings

Sometimes this personal data information collected to inform you about important changes to existing services and new services available. Note that this type of communication preferences can be done only if you accept the registration. If you do not wish to receive these communications please contact us at e-mail address.

Using online analysis uses ; Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ( "Google") offered by using the Google Analytics service. For this service, Google uses cookies. Collected and transferred information is stored on Google's servers in the US. It uses information collected to evaluate the use of Google www. platform, which prepares reports on all other connected services.

"Facebook and other social networking" use

automatic record button on Facebook, providing a connection between Facebook and via your browser, lets you record directly with the transfer of your information on Facebook. If you connected your Facebook profile, "Like" button and become visible in your personal account features such as comments yet. If you log out from your Facebook profile on platform it will be referred to the information visible. To avoid having permanent access to your data on Facebook, through your browser "plug-in" to abort functionality.

Marketing, product, service, promotion, you can share user information with organizations that provide services, such as contests and sweepstakes. Unless you choose to participate in these programs do not share your personal information with these businesses. If you choose to participate in a particular program or offer, you acknowledge your e-mail address and other information related businesses have agreed to share. Other Notifications

We may also share your or your customers the following information:

As required by law, in response to incoming requests for cooperation from a court or other government agencies; Your information can be shared in order to defend against legal allegations. In such cases, the rights may be waived or can be used in any legal disputes.

Description, in order to prevent any illegal activity or research; The rights, property, company, employees and other members of obeying laws to ensure the security will be in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in accordance with the Terms of Use of the website.

Company divest, sale, merger and consolidation, bankruptcy or important cases will be associated with corporate operations.


Customers and we are doing our best to ensure the security of your personal information. However, I, it can not guarantee that hackers or unauthorized personnel can not access your personal information. When you use our services, third party not under our control should take into account that this information is transferred via the infrastructure of the party. What we nor our Privacy Policy, you can not protect the transmission of data to other users of services. You should never forward your personal information to other users.